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Can a single woman adopt a child?

Family structures are evolving, and society is more welcoming of non-traditional family dynamics. Women are also more empowered to decide and build a family of their own regardless of their marital status. Fortunately, adoption is a viable option for a single parent...

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3 types of adoption you can explore

If you’re thinking about adopting a child in the United States, you should know that no two adoptions are the same. Understanding the various types of adoptions available is crucial for those considering expanding their families. Acknowledging that adoption is a legal...

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Emotional preparedness for adoption

Embarking on the path of adoption is a heartfelt decision filled with hope, compassion and the desire to provide a loving home for a child. It is also a journey that requires a lot of financial, mental and, most importantly, emotional preparation. Emotional...

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A single parent’s guide to adoption

It’s commonly believed that only married couples are allowed to adopt. However, even if you are a single parent, you can qualify to adopt as long as you provide a safe and comfortable space for the child. Adoption is a big step for any hopeful parent, and it can be...

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