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Guiding Clients To A Fair Child Support Agreement

Child support is an obligation every parent owes to their child. Whether the parents were ever married or not, our attorneys can ensure your child receives what North Carolina requires. To help ensure your child has what they require to meet their reasonable needs while also protecting yourself from unjust award, you deserve a compassionate family law attorney to represent your best interests.

At Stauff & Gross, PLLC in Raleigh, we know the importance of this and any other family law matter. Our goal at our law firm is to provide the guidance our community needs through the challenges of their divorce and other family law needs, and we have the skill and experience to pursue that goal.

What You Should Know About Child Support

North Carolina’s child support guidelines dictate how much parents owe (or are owed) in child support based on factors like the parents’ monthly income, their responsibility for other minor children and other expenses like health care premiums and work-related child care payments.

It is possible for child support calculations to deviate from these guidelines in certain circumstances. Investing in a family law attorney’s counsel can help to secure your child – or children’s – financial well-being.

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