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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

The term family law refers broadly to a range of domestic issues, from divorces to custody disputes, spousal support, division of property, domestic violence and adultery. When the umbrella of family law covers so many different legal needs, you want to be sure the attorney you choose to help you with your unique needs is able to stand up to the task.

At the firm of Stauff & Gross, PLLC in Raleigh, our North Carolina attorneys know the challenges that come with any kind of family law case, and we are prepared to help you through yours. We are dedicated to helping our clients pursue the outcome they deserve in their legal needs, and we have the legal skill, knowledge and experience to help achieve that goal.

What You Can Expect From Us

When you are facing a family issue, guidance from a knowledgeable attorney can mean the difference between a more amicable resolution and continued conflict. Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals in Wake and Johnston counties and helping them get back on their feet after a family dispute.

When you are our client, you are more than just a number. You can expect us to work diligently on your case and ensure that you fully understand your options. We know and appreciate that every case and family is different, so we will work to formulate an approach that is uniquely tailored to your situation.

We are a team at Stauff & Gross, PLLC. We work together on cases so that when our clients need us, they can call upon any attorney in our practice. The key to handling legal issues is collaboration and communication, and we leverage these skills not only with our clients but with each other.

Let Us Stand For Your Family

If you are ready to meet with a lawyer who is as committed to your needs as you are, contact us today. Call us at 919-891-8812 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.