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Parenting Coordinator

Split households often have their custody arrangement formalized in a court order. This can include the custody schedule as well as delineating how big ticket decisions are made (such as school and health care) and day-to-day arrangements are to happen (such as phone calls or activities). In addition, no custody order could possibly include provisions on everything necessary to raise a child. Co-parenting is necessary to work through all of these issues but the reality is a that some parents can often disagree what is the best decision for their child or simply or do not get along well enough to make the decision for their child.

A Parenting Coordinator can be appointed by a judge to make the decision for the parents. Parents can consent to an appointment or judges can appoint one in “high-conflict” cases on their own. A Parenting Coordinator is either an attorney or therapist and utilizes various tools and their court-appointed authorities to avoid bringing the matter back to court, saves time and money, and make a binding decision when the parents cannot otherwise agree.

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