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How to safeguard children from the ill effects of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce can be stressful not only for you and your spouse but also for your kids. Though you likely will try to protect your children from the ripples of divorce, it can still influence them in ways you may not expect.

Once you and your former spouse decide to take this step, it’s beneficial to understand how your child may feel about the impending change. This way, you may know what to look out for if they are struggling to accept how their life will change after the divorce.

Potential effects of divorce on your kids

If your child sees conflict between you and your spouse, they may feel neglected or distracted, which removes their focus from their studies and detracts from social interactions. These effects can be noticeable in children as early as 6 but may be more apparent as they age.

Aside from struggling academically, your child may feel sad and powerless about the changes in their family’s structure and could develop depression. While these issues can affect kids of any age, they tend to be common with those ages 11 years and older.

As they grow older, they may also demonstrate disruptive and dangerous behaviors, such as abuse of medications or alcoholic substances.

Offering support when needed can reduce the risk of your child developing these behaviors.

Helping your child during divorce

While children can be resilient, you should ensure they receive the attention they need as your family changes.

Moreover, remember that not all kids view divorce as something negative. If you used to live in a high-conflict environment, your child may welcome the change.

During divorce, your child wants to know they have your affection and support, so always remind them of your devotion to make things easier for them.