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Am I eligible to foster or adopt in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Adoption

Preparing to welcome a new family member through adoption can be exciting for any parent. Depending on legal requirements, it is typically a significant responsibility that may require more planning. If you intend to become an adoptive parent, you may face stringent qualifications imposed by the state agency responsible for screening adopters and helping them with the process.

Multiple factors can impact your eligibility to adopt or foster a child. These qualifications can vary based on your circumstances, including the following:

  • Must meet the age requirements, which is 18 to adopt and 21 to foster
  • Have proven and full commitment to raising the child
  • Be considerate of the child’s needs, physically, mentally, emotionally and academically
  • Understand how welcoming a child will impact the entire family’s daily life
  • Set practical expectations as adopters

Despite not having specific income or household qualifications, the agency is still responsible for determining if the adopters can take in a child. There are also no restrictions on single-parent families and other types of households. Instead, the agency may approach each scenario on a case-to-case basis. By doing so, it can become more thorough when deeming you or other families eligible to adopt or foster.

Understanding the adoption process fully

Sometimes, the adoption process can be quick and straightforward. Other times, it can be more complex, varying for each family according to their situation. The process can also take a toll on you if you fail to plan ahead and seek adequate legal guidance. By receiving experienced adoption advice before initiating the process, you could avoid wasting time and resources unnecessarily on avoidable issues.