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What is the Family Financial Settlement Program?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Divorce

Going through divorce proceedings is not a walk in the park for any separating couple. It involves vital factors in their family’s lives — such as child support, alimony and property division — that could start conflicts between parties.

Divorce and separation are complicated enough for the family, and going through extensive litigation could do more damage. To help lighten the burden, North Carolina offers an alternative for financial disputes: the Family Financial Settlement Program.

Instead of spending extended periods in court, this alternative offers mediation to provide a venue for negotiations and settlement before going to court. In this process, a mediator will help facilitate discussions about the financial aspects of the divorce.

Mediation allows the parties to voice their opinions about the arrangements in the hopes of compromising to reach a satisfactory agreement. This resolution will then go to the court for review.

What are the benefits?

The most significant benefit is not having to go to court. A mediator would not impose any orders on either party. Instead, they will only help the divorcing couple find a middle ground and set an agreement.

This program could also shorten the whole divorce process. Mediation allows both parties to resolve their differences without any trials. They only need to go to court when finalizing their agreement.

However, certain cases might have conflicts they cannot solve through mediation. They can continue discussions in court if they cannot agree during this step in the process.

Impact on divorces involving children

Divorce is tough on children. Additionally, parent-child relationships could be harder to navigate after divorce. Mediation promotes effective communication, cooperation and compromise.

It opens a path for parents to work together for other matters, such as their children’s welfare. The mediation process provides a pattern of conflict resolution, which could apply to working out future issues.