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5 ways a lawyer can help you during your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Divorce

Your lawyer represents you in family court, and their guidance can help protect your rights and interests throughout your divorce. A lawyer, however, is more than just your advocate during hearings. They can also be a valuable source of knowledge and support, especially regarding aspects and procedures in family law that are unfamiliar or too complex. Here are other good reasons for hiring a divorce lawyer.

They can help you communicate with your partner.

Communication might help expedite the divorce by allowing you and your soon-to-be ex to settle some of your conflicts, but it’s hard to do when strong emotions like anger and jealousy are involved. Your lawyer can help by contacting your partner and offering suggestions for talking to them.

They can help you become more confident.

Divorce hearings can be intimidating, but knowing that you have an advocate who knows the law and the process can be comforting. Additionally, your lawyer can help you prepare should you need to speak before the court. They can give you pointers on what information to provide and highlight.

They can inform you of your options.

Your lawyer can present alternative steps during your divorce that can help you minimize stress and costs. For example, they might suggest avoiding litigation and choosing to mediate instead, or they can recommend parenting plans appropriate to your situation.

They can help you make objective decisions.

Emotions can quickly run high during various stages of your divorce, which puts you at risk of making impulsive and potentially disadvantageous decisions. Your lawyer will likely know the judge assigned to your case. They can help you stay collected and objective, and they can guide you on how to behave throughout the process.

They can assist with paperwork.

Divorce involves a lot of documents, and your lawyer can help ensure that you secure, complete, and submit all of them on time.

Divorce is a complex process, and it’s hard to go through it alone. Your lawyer can provide the knowledge and support you need at such a challenging time, and they may help increase your chances of securing favorable outcomes from your divorce.